Thematic Profiles

  1. a). Evolving professional practice and standards

Todays’ professional is confronted by new challenges that come up with the dynamic nature of practice and markets client’s needs. These new challenges are largely driven by technological innovation that seeks to define new methods and approaches. Subsequently, the clients demand of the professional to adapt to change in the operating environment. This require the professional to adapt to these demands so as to effectively discharge on their mandate both to the client and industry now and the future.

This panel session therefore seeks to empower the participants with requisite information on the professional standards of practice within the region and how well they respond to the market demands.

Secondly, the participants will be informed on how best to relate and engage with the diverse set of clients. Together with this, communication plays a key role in communication and media as a tool of enhancing niche in practice.

The session therefore seeks to ultimately ensure that the professionals positions themselves to take over the available opportunities.

  1. b). Fit – for – Purpose approach in Land Administration

The FFP approach to land administration has emerged as a game changer for developing countries and offers a viable, practical solution to provide security of tenure for all, quickly and affordably, and to enable control of the use of all land. The FFP approach provides a new, innovative and pragmatic solution to land administration focused on developing countries, where current land administration solutions or not delivering.

This session will therefore provide with the participants with the basic knowledge of FFP and how it can be used for registration of land rights. Participants shall also be taken through the case studies carried out in Rwanda.


  1. c). East African market is one of the key African markets for retail investments

Retail is a big theme in real estate across Africa. ISK encompasses a diversified pool of professionals that are well placed to assist investors to learn how to secure finance, achieve high returns & shorten payback periods when investing & developing efficient properties. Landlords, investors, major developers and retailers in attendance will have opportunity to hear from seasoned regional professionals on how they have been able to add value to the projects, key trends and potential market opportunities across Africa. It will also be a meeting place for retailers looking to enter or expand into the regional market or do deals on the continent.

The East African market is one of the key African markets for retail investments. This section will allow attendees to get unrivalled intelligence on regional market experiences on the following arears:

  1. Unravelling the East Africa Retail Investment – Market Growth, Tenant Sustainability, Asset Selection & Active Asset Management
  2. The changing Retail Landscape – Local retailer & Consumer perspectives
  3. Retail Trends & rebranding – Comparing East & South Africa
  4. Key Retail Performance Indicators
  5. Overview of the East African pipeline and transactional activity

Panel session reviewing the East African market opportunities and exploring the issue of sourcing finance.