About the conference

The 7th ISK Africa  Regional Conference is an annual event organized by the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya which is the professional body for landed professionals in Kenya. The Institution has about 5,000 members organized into eight major disciplines namely: Land Surveying, Building Surveying, Engineering Surveying, Land Administration Managers, Geospatial Information Management, Valuation Surveyors, Property Managers and Real Estate Surveyors Chapters.

This year’s conference-themed “Smart Surveying for Improved Land Governance” will attract an array of professionals with high stakes in the land and property sector. The conference will be insightful, futuristic and will shed light on key areas of concern. With an attendance of over 600 participants during the Conference, you can be assured of optimal brand visibility.

The conference will present a unique opportunity for African Countries to discuss issues and challenges within the surveying profession and this will therefore be insightful, futuristic and will shed light on key areas of concern. We envisage attracting more than 600 participants with about 20 African countries being represented, making it a great avenue to network with the key industry players and fellow peers.

This will be the final key event in the ISK 2022 calendar and we shall be honored to host you in the Lakeside City of Kenya.

Main Objective:

The main objective of this edition is to promote knowledge management as an important driver that promotes the exchange of ideas and innovative thinking among researchers, development practitioners and policymakers.

Specific Objectives:

  • To understand the role of technology in land and built
  • To analyse the impact of use of big data in innovation
  • To empower on embracing technology in the land and built
  • To develop links with international markets.
  • To empower participants on building business resilience and innovation.
  • To explore areas on inclusivity and inclusion in the sector
  • To embrace ethical leadership practice


  • Providing a framework within which the technological innovation strategy is meant to build differences in levels of business growth, core interests and values.
  • Promoting professional ethical standards in land and real estate infrastructure.
  • Addressing use of big data in innovation and investment to boost National growth.
  • Embrace the perspective of smart cities for better buildings
  • Highlighting Sustainable development, Information and market efficiency.